Brands - there is no such thing as a magic logo.

You may think all your customers and potential know, recognize and understand your brand - and they might do - but is it how you think or want - does their perception match your brand aspirations and strategy?
It should be based upon strategic business objectives and will develop and implement revised brand values, communications and visual treatments that will assist in the delivery of these objectives.
The more complex and organization and diverse its stakeholder groups are, the more considered its brand should be.    
A living brand will therefore be central to all marketing activity and implied in all other activity in order to create competitive advantage, communicate clear and compelling messages and establish and nurture effective relationships with stakeholders.
So how to effectively review a brand: A brand is a dynamic business driver, which evolves and changes whether managed or not. Brands and brand perception exist in the minds of stakeholders, customers and staff, these perceptions may be positive or negative, accurate or inaccurate or a combination of them.
What is clear is that individual and group perceptions are highly sensitive to proactive and reactive communications and can quickly and negatively change if not properly understood and managed. To effectively and clearly differentiate and position a brand an organization should review its brand perceptions and application regularly in line with its strategic business objectives.
There are numerous methodologies for reviewing and evaluating brands, both as one-off audits or rolling evaluation of large scale advertising and marketing activity.
Black Lab has extensive experience of reviewing brands for relevance, effectiveness and differentiation.
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