You might have the best looking, best featured and best value product or service in the market, but are the right customers in the right number buying it (& for the right reasons)?  

There are few, if any, truly unique product or service propositions in the modern world, what actually distinguishes them in an info rich, web wise and marketing savvy society is a perceived 'difference' in a proposition.
Consumers choose products and services because of their own, and their influencer's perception as to what it will do for them, give them or make them.
And this is not always what the brand or marketers want them to think!
Gaining a clear understanding of what customers do and don't see in your proposition and why they do and don't buy it, is insight worth more than a substantial hike in promotional marketing budgets.
This insight exists both with customers and within organisations, the key is successfully retrieving and utilising this information.
Black Lab has extensive experience in the research, review and evolution of propositions in a range of organisations and industry sectors.
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