A truly successful plan Lives

in your employees (and customers) minds, 
and not just their bookshelves.

Any Marketing Strategy should both inform and support an organisational plan and drive its objectives.                   

A marketing strategy will evolve and promote a brand that positions an organization for the future. It should undertake regular brand reviews and evaluation to develop and implement evolved brand values and an identity that will assist the organisation in the delivery of its strategic objectives.
Any strategy and brand must address the needs of its diverse stakeholder groups both internal and external.
Any brand will therefore be central to all marketing strategy and activity in order to create competitive advantage, communicate a shared vision and create meaningful relationships with stakeholders; to clearly differentiate and position the organisation. A Marketing Strategy creates the core reference points to reassess and revise all marketing activities and re-appraise both their execution and effectiveness - to ensure that they are fully aligned and supportive of business KPIs
A marketing strategy should::
  • Build on marketing operations
  • Provide marketing insight and support to ensure effective implementation of Plan objectives  
  • Deliver competitive advantage through marketing
  • Identify priority marketing areas for development & investment
  • Communicates these areas and activities across the organization
  • Ensure marketing is configured to support the organisation's mission
Black Lab has an extensive track record in developing and reviewing marketing strategies for a range of organisations.

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